You might know that I was trying to collect some money to renew and upgrade my studio. Of course I ended up with not nearly as much as I needed, that was almost to expect, but at least I was able to get a new pair of speakers, which was the most essential and most important part of the campaign. My old ones gave up and with this money I was able to get another pair...second hand, but that's fine :)
Here's to the people who were helping me out and contributed…

Alexandre Bouchard
Andrew "Sigil"
Calvin "Taxi PsyProg"
Dmitri "Asygen"
Drew Bluetree
Emily "Skyrocker"
Francisco Javier
Jay Eric
Jeffrey van Dijk
Jens Förster
Luke "Splund"
Pete Roil
Raphael "Padawan"
Xavi "Chikm"