June 05, 2015

Over The Sea

Hey folks in the USA. I'm happy to announce that I'll be playing two gigs in Wisconsin in July and August. You have probably heard of The Sacred Earth Festival and I'll also be playing a small gathering in Milwaukee.
Come for a dance and a good time if you like to see me and many other good artists !

Camp Plush - July 25 (Milwaukee)
Sacred Earth on Facebook - July 31-August 3 (Wisconsin)


May 05, 2015

4'th album of Zeitgeist has been released on Glitchy.Tonic.Records - called "pointless-tasteless-Significant!"

It's done, it's out, I'M SO HAPPY :)
For quite a while I was scared after doing my former album "Quantum Weirdness". I thought it was a masterpiece for me (and it was) and I didn't know to continue that or make an even better album, which has to be my goal ! But I believe I made it, I made a better album in 2015 and I'm happy it's done. "pointless-tasteless-Significant!" has a slightly different character to it, a certain FUNK sits in all those tracks. I also did some recordings again, which I traditionally do for my Zeitgeist music since "Darwin".

The free version on Glitchy.Tonic.Records has 8 tracks. The Bandcamp version has one additional and unreleased bonus track :)

Bandcamp // free download with Glitchy.Tonic.Records


February 05, 2015

4'th album of Radioactive.Cake has been released on Glitchy.Tonic.Records - called "Merger"

I want to call this album a tribute to those who influenced me. There are 9 remixes on the album and I have done them for Dr. Strangefunk (Canada), Dharana (Brasil), Grub (Portugal), Vaeya (India), Fagin's Reject (UK), Kromagon (US), Pick (Israel), Hypnagog (Australia) and Minimal Criminal (Isreal). This is my 4'th Radioactive.Cake and I'm very proud that A) I could do this and B) that I have taken "this road" and stayed on it for over 6 years. Time are tough and haven always been tough. I struggle to survive as an artist, yet I my will is of iron and I'm trying to provide you with as much as I can before all this ends.

This album is free for everybody. But if you want you can support me and buy it from Bandcamp, in which case you would not only get the 9 remixes but also 9 other tracks. Those 9 other tunes have been released on CD or Beatport, so chances are you don't have some of them yet.

Bandcamp // free download with Glitchy.Tonic.Records


May 22, 2014

Update on my productivity in the first half of 2014

So as you might have realised, through sending me a track request for your label or through following my Soundclouds/Facebooks closely, my creative output has decrease a bit lately. That is for some personal reasons which I won't disclose . . . but I want to asure you that in the background, things are being cooked and very nice dishes will be put together.
There will also be a whole lot of new material in my sets this summer, some of which was even only made for the sets.

I have also converted my Dark Passenger and Munstrous music into a live performance and I'm ready to play it at a few occasions this summer. I'm lucky I got a some good gigs this season and I'm looking forward to serving you as your personal psychedelic pilot - no seatbelts or lifejackets required :)

Yours truly...


March 21, 2014

BRAZIL TOUR - September 2014

Yeah Yeah Yeah - turns out the tour through Brasil is confirmed. These are the dates I have so far:

September 13 - Caxias
September 20 - Curitiba
September 27 - Rio de Janeiro

If you're interested in booking me with one or all of my projects just get in touch with me or my dear friend Alanita (DJ / Uroboros Rec) and we will figure something out :)

::: Any help is very much appreciated and will be rewarded with some special music ! :::


A turnê do Brasil em setembro está confirmada, seguem as datas fechadas até o momento:

Setembro 13 - Caxias do Sul/RS
Setembro 20 - Curitiba/PR
Setembro 27 - Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Se você quiser agenciar qualquer um dos meus projetos basta entrar em contato comigo ou com o minha querida amiga Alanita. [

::: Toda ajuda é bem vinda e será recompensada com música de qualidade ! :::


February 16, 2014

Music plans...

Just so you know about what's to expect, I want to give you a quick overview of what's to come from me this year.

Munstrous - Mists Of Time, an EP which will feature 3 Munstrous tunes and one SourOne Remix, tbr with Glitchy.Tonic.Records. Munstrous - Moonlight Make-Out, an EP that is also featuring 3 Munstrous tunes and it's to be released with Hypnotic Instincts Records. This is what I have finished and definitely coming out soon. The Reconstruction EP, 5 Remixes of Radioactive.Cake's Shady Business, has been released in March already.
I'm also working on more Electronica/IDM music with my Dark Passenger project and it is very likely that I'm going to release those in an EP. I'm also working on different Radioactive.Cake, Zeitgeist and Munstrous tracks requests for different labels like my own Glitchy.Tonic.Records, also Electric Power Pole Records, Maia Brasil Records, Kupuri Music, Hypnotic Instincts and more. All in all there will be a lot of new stuff from throughout 2014 :D

I'm also working on touring Brasil (september 2014) and Australia (January/February 2015). If you think you could help me there just get in touch with me. I would appreciate that a lot and share a bunch of tunes for any help :)


January 08, 2014

Sound Packs Section goes live...

Hey folks, make sure to visit the
Sounds Packs area if you're a producer and could use some sound packs or want to make a remix.


October 17, 2013

Radioactive.Cake - Shady Business Remix Kit (and possible release on Glitchy.Tonic.Records)

Radioactive.Cake Fanpage on Facebook has recently hit 2000 followers which is rad. So I wanted to use that as an opportunity and share a remix kit with you and say THANX ! Dang it you're all awesome :)

Download Remix Kit Here

The original track, "Shady Business", was made in 2011 and released in 2012 by Another Psyde Records on their compilation Surrealistic Desire.
Surrealistic Desire @ Psyshop

So remix it and then if you want send your remix to me or to
Glitchy.Tonic@gmx.de. The best 3 remixes will land on a Shady Business Remix EP on Glitchy.Tonic. If that's something for you go hell for leather and remix remix remix !!!!!!!!!!!!

Send your track in until december 31, 23:59…there's other things to do in 2014.

Facebook event
Download Remix Kit Here

The original:


August 12, 2013

Motorheart Samples Pack

Did you know that my third Radioactive.Cake album "Motorheart" has been released in July 2013 with Electric Power Pole Records ? And did you know that if you bought it (or buy it) you can get a sample pack with some fundamental stuff from the album…kickdrums, bass sounds, lots of percussion loops to play with.

Doesn't matter if you bought a digital or physical copy, just send me a photo with you and the album, a receipt or whatever you think is proof ;)

Facebook event
Here are Samples:


July 27, 2013

Touring South America October 2013

Well unfortunately this is cancelled :(

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July 28, 2013

Radioactive.Cake released his third studio album 'Motorheart' [Electric Power Pole] on July 26 2013.

'Motorheart' displays a defined sound quality developed over years of live performances and obsession to detail, revealing an incredible array of multidimensional effects and sounds.

Moody, sonic, pulsating, chunky, fat, grinding groovers, funked up and diluted with alien sounds, boogie shaking tunes from a darkened base all injected with twists and turns of a strange psychedelic kind. Whatever turn of phrase you want to apply, all 8 tracks are bass driven dance floor shakers, showing a hypnotic beating heart, infused and injected from unexpected sources to open your musical senses to new evolving styles, techniques and directions.

A crafted statement, 'Motorheart' fuses together soundscapes to create an amazing Radioactive. Cake ride, enjoy!
Where you can buy it ? Get it from me myself ;) or
Psyshop // Goastore // Beatport // Junodownload