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Yes it's true, I'm doing audio mastering in a music and production studio in Potsdam...

...even though the project is called
Anti-Logic Berlin. Potsdam is Berlin's neighbour town and me and my mastering partner, we're extremely delighted to have found a place that we can get access to work in and which is also a great environment, both technically and in an inspiring way.

We see our audio mastering as a service for the music-creating and music-distributing community. While we're mostly operating in the Techno and Trance area, we are also doing the occasional Ambient or "alternative electronic music" mastering. That said, we can help you out with your acoustic music too or refer you to other studios who focus on that only, if you wish.

With our fair fees we attract net labels and independent artists as well as more established labels. We polish music with our work on audio material and we make your track ready for CD printing or digital distribution.
Just contact us to hear more about prices, process & processing and let us explain why you want to work with us :)


For references or to simply follow us, check us out on

"Mastering is a dialog between originator and engineer. In order to achieve a result that all sides are happy with, we seek the connection to the artists and producers and to the labels. We don't simply imprint our vision on the tracks we work with - we listen and we talk !"