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Radioactive.Cake, Zeitgeist, Munstrous, Dark Passenger…that’s all Robert H. from Berlin Germany. Not only music producers and performer for many years, he also established the music label Glitchy.Tonic.Records in September 2009, which is now one of the leading forces in the "Alternative Psytrance Trance" - or what's often refered to as Dark Prog or Zenonesque.

Taking the first musical steps around the time of the millennium, his skills and technique and productions were constantly evolving and advancing over the years. In late 2008 he felt he finally reached the quality to go way more professional. He brought Radioactive.Cake and Zeitgeist to life, aiming for releases and gigs and of course for good feedback. Getting all three, he soon wanted another challenge or rather more ways of expressing his musical creativity and he started Munstrous and Dark Passenger.
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Today, Robert can look back on an extremely long list of releases and has gained quite some experience performing his stuff live. He played his projects at Festivals like Freqs Of Nature, Lost Theory Festival, Boom Festival, Solaris Festival, Cosmo Festival, Transylvania Calling, Pandemonium Festival, SpaceCamp Psyfari Festival and many others.

With his 4 music music projects, Robert has released 8 albums so far, CD and digital format, and dozens of single tracks. Might check the
Releases section if you're interested in what is available where and how.

Number 9 and new Zeitgeist album "tasteless - pointless - Significant!" is getting released in May 2015.
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