!!! YEAH SAMPLES !!! :D …but make sure you read those important notes below:
If you make a remix out of those packs, you're free to release it wherever you want, just make sure you call it a 'remix' and name me as the author of the original track.
If you just "borrow" one or two sounds for your very own production or use this audio material to create total new sounds out of it, that's fine too you guys. In that case there's no need to name my as the originator because you kind of treat the sample "like a waveform in an oscillator" and get real creative with it, twist it, mangle it, turn it upside down… :) I see that as just another form of art.


April 2016
Zeitgeist - tasteless pointless Significant! (album sample pack)
buy here

If your interested, these are remix packs or sample packs from all tracks of the "Zeitgeist - Significant" album.
(complete album included)

Zeitgeist spent countless hours making this complete package. there are 80 or maybe 90 files in each pack, some 650 to 700 files in total.
Simple things like kickdrums, snares, hihats, cymbal sounds but they are made the way i like them which i never find in other basic drum sample kits. But also complex stuff like whole percussion loops (tempo included) and glitch loops, basses (key included) and sometimes with all individual layers when they have layers, plus sound fx, atmospheres, etc...

So in order for you guys to be more free with this material, you could use it for your own tracks, they don't have to be an official remixes. You have permission to manipulate these audio samples and create new stuff with it, and like i said, feel free to use it without any manipulation too for whatever production you want.

If you break it down it's 1€ per pack, which is more than fair for what you get, also considered the workload that I had.

The way it works on Bandcamp: You buy and therefore order the sample pack, I get the order and via email and then send it straight to your email.

Want to check out the album too ? You can stream it here:
(complete album included in this remix pack)

Yours truly


August 2015
Radioactive.Cake #4 - Monkey See Monkey Do
(DJ mix)
Download DJ Mix Here / Stream

"Monkey See-Monkey Do" ...that's how we function... :)

I'm back into DJing a little bit. Not for gigs but for you guys. So I'll be doing this more often, on a regular basis and this is part 4 of a series. Might as well go back and check out the previous ones if you haven't yet. Hope you enjoy it...

Grouch - Switch Arms (Hypogeo Remix)
LuneCell - MachineElves
SourOne - The Truth
Grub - MoonShiners (Radioactive.Cake Remix)
Psydewise - Condensation
Vaeya - Paradise Fall (Radioactive.Cake Remix)
Hellquist vs Pspiralife - Have You Not Heard
Hypogeo - Sasquatch (Vimanna Remix)
Kromagon - Maximal Degressive
Pick - And Your Mama Told You
SourOne - Layer Upon Layer

Yours truly


July 2015
Radioactive.Cake #3 - Tomahawked
(DJ mix)
Download DJ Mix Here / Stream

"Tomahawked"..."this one is going like a tomahawk in your ear, loud and clear!" :)

I'm back into DJing a little bit. Not for gigs but for you guys ;) So I'll be doing this more often, on a regular basis and this is part 3 of a series. Hope you enjoy it...

Pspiralife - Fraquadelic (Sensient Remix)
Pick - G27 (Radioactive.Cake Remix)
Phasenverschiebungen - Harmonized
SourOne - Algorhythms Of Lunacy
Sensient - Glass Eye
SourOne - Geostigma
Disfunction - Magical Mantra
MirrorMe - Elements Neutralized
Hellquist - Qvantakse
Kliment - Monkey Train
Kromagon - Clock Theory
Zahnstein - Running In The Dark Forest

Yours truly


July 2015
Radioactive.Cake #2 - The All Australian
(DJ mix)
Download DJ Mix Here / Stream

"The All Australian"...yes, that includes tracks from New Zealand :-p
I'm back into DJing a little bit. Not for gigs but for you guys ;) So I'll be doing this more often, on a regular basis and this is part 2 of a series. Hope you enjoy...

Mr Squatch & Grouch - Lost In The Forest
Pspiralife - Love To Stay (Smilk Remix)
Reactant - Ramble On!
BushMech - The Infinite Voyage
Product Placement - Solitude
One Tasty Morsel - The Day I Blew My Rig Out
Grouch - Octophlange
Merkaba - Organical Mechanical
Autonomech - The Boney Labyrinth
Phat Kontrollerz - Flat Control
Tetrameth - Weapon Of Choice (aka I Think It Might Be Horse Shit)
Sensient - Dynafunk

Yours truly


July 2015
Radioactive.Cake - Radioactive.Brain
(sample pack)
Download Sample Pack Here

Remix kit of the 2010 track Radioactive.Cake - Radioactive.Brain. It's been a smasher at that time, maybe still is. Made this one as a request for a remix of this track came in. Good reason to put it on my website and make it available for you guys :)

Yours truly


June 2015
Radioactive.Cake #1 - Essentia Minimi
(DJ mix)
Download DJ Mix Here / Stream

Hey folks, I'm back into DJing a bit. I'm not that bad, I don't have spectacular technique but I think I have a good taste and nice track selections. So here's the first of a series of DJ sets I'll have for download for you :)

Nirkoma - Zenscape
Sensient - R19
Triptaktik - Obnoxious Obstacles
Kliment - Monkey Train
Kaziel - Amphibious
pHaSenVerScHiEbuNGeN - Und Sonst
David Laake - Kick Is Good
Tristan Boyle - Digit
Minimal Criminal - Phat (Ozone Remix)
Pspiralife - Boobyallen (Moses Remix)
Nikroma - Forest Freq
Sensient - Grunt Minimale
Kliment - Serial Spider

Yours truly


April 2015
New Kits On The Block
(sample pack)
Download Sample Pack Here

Hey folks, here are new loops for you to create some weird grooves. Use them as they are, like untouched or stretch them, filter them, glitch them out...everything is allowed and possible :)
I took this material from my recent productions of my Radioactive.Cake and Zeitgeist projects and now you can use it for whatever you like, even commercial productions, i'm all cool with that.
If you like it please share the pack and name me as the author please. Thanx you very very much :)

Yours truly


October 2014
Radioactive.Cake and Dark Passenger - Weird Momentum
(sample pack)
Download Sample Pack Here

Hey friends, here is another sample pack from me, free for everybody. This one is called „Weird Momentum“ because it contains some unconventional noises that you don’t create in a synthesizer just like that and it also contains some loops with rather unconventional grooves - so therein lays the weird momentum :)
Hope you enjoy this, give me feedback on Facebook or any other channel...

Yours truly


August 2014
Motorheart Album Sounds
Download Remix Kit Here

I had this as a special gift for long, for people who bought my Motorheart album and support the label who released it, Electric Pole Records. Now I wanted this to be a free sound kit for everybody to download. It contains kick sounds, bass sounds, a whole lot of percussions, all from the Radioactive.Cake album "Motorheart". It's doesn't have any effect sounds in it though, but I believe you can get real creative with this material and use it for your own productions. Especially the loops, if you are using one of the programs (like Ableton Live for example) that allows you to twist, rearrange, mangle audio loops and one-shots, you might find this good source material to do so.
If you have never considered using a pre-existing loop to become something new, try it out !!! Stretch the hell out of it, use different play modes, reverse it. Cut it into pieces, stretch pieces, reverse only parts of it and put the pieces back together. Use different play modes for different pieces...use transpose, automate transpose, the panning...very many options. I enjoy this alot :)

Want a preview ?


June 2014
Zeitgeist - We're All Connected - Sound Pack
Download Remix Kit Here

Here is the June 2014 - remix pack. It's from my Zeitgeist project, track's called We're All Connected and it was released in 2012 as part of the free album Quantum Weirdness (Glitchy.Tonic.Records). Hope you enjoy this one :)

Hear the original:


April 2014
Dark Passenger - Total Recall - Sound Pack
Download Remix Kit Here

Don't need any explanation, do you ? It's a free sound pack, more precisely it's a remix kit with the sounds of the track Total Recall from my project Dark Passenger. This time something with a lot of glitch, some gently overdriven bits and some mangled pieces.

Hear the original:


March 2014
Radioactive.Cake - Mindsphere - Sound Pack
Download Remix Kit Here

The original track, "Mindsphere", has not been released yet but was made in early 2013. The original is hearable below, it's a driving track, it's got some energy to it. Now make your version of it if you want and let me hear what came up with :)

Hear the original:


February 2014
Radioactive Sounds 1-3
Download Sound Pack Here

A couple of sounds here. Made with Propellerheads Mahlström via Rewire and processed in Ableton Live with Reaktor tools. They are weird and squelshy and for people who appreciate kind of "broken" sounds. If you like to invent new sounds out of existing audio material, like me, then you'll probably like this :)

Feel free to use these sounds wherever and whenever you want, the pack contains an info.txt for further information.


January 2014
Munstrous - Beast Feast - Sound Pack
Download Remix Kit Here

The original track, "Beast Feast", was made in 2013 and released in 2013 by Maia Brasil Records on their compilation "VA Epistomology".

Bandcamp: VA Epistomology


January 2014
Zeitgeist - Subquantum - Sound Pack
Download Remix Kit Here

The original track, "Subquantum", was made in 2012 and released in 2012 by Glitchy.Tonic.Records on my free album "Quantum Weirndess".

Download album: Zeitgeist - Quantum Weirdness

Hear the original:


October 2013

Radioactive.Cake - Shady Business Remix Kit (and possible release on Glitchy.Tonic.Records)

Radioactive.Cake Fanpage on Facebook has recently hit 2000 followers which is rad. So I wanted to use that as an opportunity and share a remix kit with you and say THANX ! Dang it you're all awesome :)

The original track, "Shady Business", was made in 2011 and released in 2012 by Another Psyde Records on their compilation Surrealistic Desire.
Surrealistic Desire @ Psyshop

Download Remix Kit Here

Hear the


August 2013

Motorheart Album Sample Pack

I made this sample pack with all the basic stuff from my Motorheart album. It's divided into 8 folders, each folder contains a track's kickdrum, bass and all my percussion layers (102 files).
So whether you love working with audio loops on a more experimental level like I do, or whether you just like to throw in stuff without doing much to it, either way you might find this useful :)

Now here's the deal:
I will send a link with the sample pack to people who bought my recent album Motorheart. It's a bonus you could say and I won't make it all too easy though :-p
You have to think of a way how you could show me that you got the CD or Wave file first...

Just message me on Facebook or Radioactive.Cake@gmx.de

Doesn't matter if you bought a digital or physical copy, just send me a photo with you and the album, a receipt or whatever you think is proof ;)

Facebook event

Here are Samples: